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Flood victims could be easy prey for burglars and rogue traders

Zurich Publishes Flood Guide to Help Victims Cope with the Aftermath of Floods

2nd December, 2009

Flood victims returning to homes and businesses throughout Ireland for the first time this week could become easy prey for burglars and rogue traders. This is according to a new Flood Guide published by Zurich.

The guide urges vulnerable flood victims to be vigilant and watch out for burglars who may try to access their homes under the pretence of checking their electricity or turning off water, and rogue traders who seek to profit during the chaotic aftermath of the floods. Zurich is appealing to flood victims to be cautious about who they allow into their homes, always ask for ID and ask to be put in touch with past clients when approached by traders.

Neville Dunne, Chief Claims Officer, Zurich, said; “Many of the people impacted by the recent flooding will be in a vulnerable position and unfortunately there are people out there who will try to exploit this. We would urge people to look out for their neighbours and alert An Garda Síochána to anything suspicious they notice. Homeowners and business people being approached by anyone offering a service should be vigilant.”

Zurich has deployed specialist on-site assessment and support services to help victims of the extensive flooding throughout Ireland. Flood victims are advised to wait for their loss adjuster and specialist services personnel, who will project manage much of the cleanup, before taking any action. In the meantime people should keep photographs of flood damage and receipts for any emergency pumping or repair work done, to ensure that they are compensated by their insurance company.

Since the heavy rainfall began, Zurich has handled over 15,000 calls in response to customers needing help, while Zurich’s dedicated motor rescue service has helped over 300 motorists stranded in severe weather conditions. “This is an emotional and stressful time for everyone affected by the floods. Zurich can not only help in dealing with the initial stage of the loss but also with the aftermath. As many victims will be returning to their homes for the first time to estimate the cost of repairs, our claims staff are committed to giving our customers all the support they need,” added Mr Dunne

More information on how to deal with flood damage can be found in the Zurich Flood Guide which is available for download from Zurich customers affected by the floods should call Zurich HelpPoint, a 24 hour claim and notification service on 1800 208 408.