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With Zurich farm insurance we make it easy for you to get a great value quote. Our local experts will visit you at your farm to talk about the cover you need, and they can even put it in place straight away.

This fast and efficient service saves you valuable time and effort.

You can contact our farm experts directly, call our team on 053 915 76 77 / 1890 800 171 or alternatively email

If you wish to speak to one of our farm experts in your area. Please select from the list below.

North West – Tom Byrne

Tom Byrne

Mobile: 086 047 7234

Email address:

South East – Joe Nolan

Joe Nolan

Mobile: 086 022 0519

Email address:

Midlands – Bill Meaney

Bill Meaney

Mobile: 086 143 6343

Email address:

Midlands – Pat Maher

Pat Maher

Mobile: 086 047 5422

Email address:

Munster – JP Aherne

JP Aherne

Mobile: 086 411 3797

Email address: