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Step 1:

If you have been involved in a motor accident and/or need to make a claim call us on our 24 hour Claims Assist Helpline 01 609 1436 or 1890 208 408. We will take all the details from you, provide you with a claim number and send you out the required claim form or alternatively, you can also download our claims forms from this site. The claim form should be completed and returned to us as soon as possible.

If you are claiming against another insurer for your motor damage, we can provide you with advice on how to make your claim.

Step 2:

If your car is not driveable we will arrange to have your car towed to the nearest Zurich Approved Repairer or to any garage of your choice, if it is nearer.

Step 3:

If your car is already in a garage or storage yard it is important to ask if you are being charged to hold it there, as these costs are not covered under your policy.

Step 4:

You will need to get an estimate for the cost of repair.

Step 5:

We may need to have our motor assessor inspect your damaged vehicle and/or direct you to a Zurich Approved Repairer in your area, who will provide you with a courtesy vehicle subject to you having cover for car hire under your policy. The vehicle type and duration is outlined in your policy document.

Important**There is no cover for car hire if you opt to have your repairs carried out with a garage other than a Zurich Approved Repairer.

Step 6:

You can appoint your own motor assessor to inspect your damaged vehicle and help with the preparation of your claim, but the cost will be at your own expense.

Step 7:

We will notify you of the agreed repair costs and your vehicle repairs can begin.

Step 8:

When repairs are complete you will need to send us the repair bill. We will issue a settlement cheque less your policy excess (refer to your policy schedule). Zurich Approved repairers will bill us direct for repairs.

  • If your car is written-off or uneconomical to repair - our motor assessor will inspect and put a value on the vehicle based on its condition before the accident (pre-accident value). This value will be offered to you in settlement less your policy excess (see policy schedule). We will require the original Vehicle Licence Certificate and claim form before we can issue your cheque.

    We will provide car hire for up to 10 days (subject to you having cover for car hire under your policy). We will offer to dispose of the salvage of your vehicle.
  • If your car is stolen and not found, you will be sent a Motor Theft Questionnaire for completion. We will settle your claim based on the pre-theft value which our motor assessor will place on your vehicle.

    We will require the original Vehicle Licence Certificate, claim form and Motor Theft Questionnaire before we can issue your cheque. We will provide car hire for up to 10 days (subject to you having cover for car hire under your policy).


Terms and conditions may apply to your policy and these will be fully explained by your claims handler. Your "No Claim Bonus" may be affected as a result of making a claim on your policy.