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Zurich Ireland's Electric Car Insurance

Zurich Ireland is proud to provide one of the world's first tailored electric car insurance products. With Zurich's electric car insurance product, you get all the same great Zurich motor insurance benefits as the owners of conventional petrol or diesel engine models, along with a range of benefits specifically recognising you as an eco-friendly driver.

Our electric car insurance cover includes:

  • 20% discount off your electric car insurance premium
  • Specialist 24 hour roadside assistance (available in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland)
  • Free towing to the nearest available public charge point or to your home charge point (whichever is the nearer) in the event of your car running out of charge
  • Free towing to the nearest available specialist electric car repairer in the event of mechanical failure
  • Free replacement electric car charge point access card in the event of loss or theft

For a specialist electric car insurance quote, call us on 053 915 7775.

To learn more about Ireland's electric car initiative, and how you can make the switch to planet friendly driving, see or

To read more about Zurich's role in the 'Electric Car Evolution' please click here.

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