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Office Insurance

Zurich provides a complete office insurance package for Commercial Offices.

 So whether you are an accountant, doctor or solicitor our Office insurance provides excellent cover and benefits for your business in one complete package.

This policy provides the following covers:


Includes the office and residential accommodation and any outbuildings used in connection with the business or for domestic purposes, walls, gates and fences, landlord’s fixtures and fittings and underground pipes and cables for which you are responsible.

This cover also includes:

  • Loss of rent up to 15% of buildings sum insured
  • Property Owners Liability up to €2,600,000
  • Fire Brigade Charges up to €6,500

Covers automatically include:

  • Trace and Access in respect of Water/Oil Leakage
  • Damage by Emergency Service Vehicles
  • Landscaping Damage
  • Replacement of Locks
  • Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989


Includes loss or damage to Office Contents and Trade Samples.

This cover also includes:

  • Loss of rent up to 25% of Office Contents Sum Insured
  • Malicious Attack up to €20,000
  • Employers Liability up to €13,000,000
  • Public Liability up to €2,600,000
  • Tenant's Liability up to 15% of Office Contents Sum Insured
  • Loss or damage to Money including:
  • Crossed cheques up to €325,000

    - in a locked safe up to €2,000
    - in your home or that of an authorised employee up to €650

Business Interruption

This covers you against loss of income and/or extra expenses incurred as a result of interruption or interference to your Business caused by damage to Buildings or Contents.

Book Debts

You are insured against accidental loss or damage to your account books or other business books or records which prevents you from tracing or collecting money debited or invoiced by you to customers.


This section covers you against loss of money and/or contents as a result of fraud or dishonesty of an employee. The limit under this section is €32,500.

Personal Accident

This section covers you and your employees against accidental bodily injury up to €20,000 any one injury.

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