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Zurich urges Christmas shoppers to be extra vigilant over the Festive Period

December 16th, 2011

5 Top Tips for Safe Seasonal Shopping

Zurich is appealing to Christmas shoppers throughout Ireland to be extra vigilant during the remaining pre Christmas shopping days. Distracted shoppers could become victims of petty crime during the festive shopping rush and according to Zurich there has been a significant increase in claims relating to petty theft, car damage and burglary in recent years over the Christmas period.

Maurice Cullen, Zurich’s Chief Marketing Officer, said: "Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in claims ranging from car damage associated with robberies to home burglaries over the Christmas season. People are preoccupied with last minute preparations for Christmas which can leave them distracted and vulnerable to opportunistic pick pockets and burglars. We are urging shoppers to be extra cautious both in their homes and when out shopping and to not afford these individuals the opportunities they are looking for."

To help shoppers stay safe over Christmas, Zurich has compiled its Top 5 safe seasonal shopping tips:

  • Store Christmas shopping in the boot of your car – do not leave parcels in clear view on the car seats.
  • Never leave your bags unattended while Christmas shopping.
  • Never carry a wallet in your back pocket while out Christmas shopping where it could easily be snatched by pick-pockets.
  • Leave the lights or radio on in your home if you are going out over Christmas.
  • Avoid putting valuable gifts under Christmas trees that are in full view of a window.

"Becoming a victim of even petty crime over Christmas can put a dampener on anybody’s holiday which is why Zurich’s Home Insurance Policy actually includes a 10% increase on the sum insured during the month of December, to insure gifts and extra food and drink bought for the Christmas season", added Mr Cullen