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Home Security Guide

Use Zurich Ireland's Home Security Guide to assess if your home is at risk and learn how you can take steps to reduce your exposure to burglary or theft at home.

Home Security Guide  

Can your neighbours easily view your home?

Do you have lighting at the front and back of your house?

Is your home fitted with a working burglar alarm?

Do all your windows have key operated locks?

What type of windows do you have?

Is your home regularly unoccupied during the day?

Are you a member of a neighbourhood watch scheme?

What level of security does your front door have?

What level of security does your back door have?

Is your rear garden walled off with locked door and gate access?

Do you use a timer for lights when your home is unoccupied?

What additional security do you have when on holiday etc.?

Are the contents of your home insured?

Have you security marked your valuables in your home?


The advice contained on this webpage in relation to the security of your home is intended for general guidance purposes only. Zurich Insurance plc shall have no legal liability or responsibility for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly in connection with reliance on this advice.

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